The Snow Queen

(The Snow Queen)

Von Hans Christian Andersen

Bearbeitet von Charles Way

frei nach dem gleichnamigen Kunstmärchen
5 D
3 H
Ab 6 Jahren
kleinere Besetzung möglich
Originalsprache: Englisch

“The Snow Queen rules her magical kingdom with a heart of ice and a grip as cold as steel. When shards of an enchanted mirror fly into Cei’s eye he falls under its spell. He becomes cold-hearted and the Snow Queen steals him away to her far-away land. With Cei as her helper, The Snow Queen has a chilling plan: to freeze the hearts of all living things and rule supreme over a world of snow and ice. Only little Gerda, Cei’s childhood friend, believes he can still be rescued and sets out on a life-changing journey to save Cei and defeat the Snow Queen. Join Gerda as she travels on a daring adventure to save Cei, and the world, from the clutches of The Snow Queen.” (
“Way's adaptations are child-friendly but multi-layered and this one comes with a dusting of ice and snow, as the shards of an enchanted mirror fly into the eye of little Cei, his heart turns to ice and he becomes the enchanted helper of the wicked Snow Queen in her mountain kingdom. Friendship and loyalty are stretched to the limits as Cei's friend Gerda sets out to find and free him. – This is a magical story, very well told.” (